Project Overview

My PhD research focused on the application of induced torpor as a countermeasure for low dose radiation for long term space travel using a zebrafish model. NASA’s recent announcement of the Artemis program which will bring manned interplanetary travel closer to reality, places emphasis on the development of innovative countermeasures for the harmful effects of spaceflight. The use of induced torpor which is characterized by hypometabolic and hypothermic states has the potential to ameliorate harmful effects of radiation, microgravity, specific nutritional challenges as well as reduce mission weight and costs. Additionally, I also have interests in mental health and cancer research.


  • Keeping active
  • Science
  • Irish language culture and history
  • Current affairs
  • Travelling
  • Torpor
  • Mental health
  • Cancer research


  • BSc (Hons) Biochemistry

  • MSc Stratified Medicine