Project Overview

My research direction is on new and emerging contaminants of global concerns such as microplastics, Heavy metals, and Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the aquatic environment; their sources, transport, and ecological/health risks posed on the environment and aquatic resources. In my PhD research at the School of Biological Sciences, Queens University Belfast, I am investigating the “Occurrence, Toxicological Risk, and Trophic Transfer of Microplastics in fish from the Lagos Lagoon and Cross River Estuary, Nigeria using spectrometric assays and statistical tools to evaluate the levels and impacts of microplastics contamination on ecosystem. This study will provide novel information that will be of interest to environmental managers, policy makers and regulatory bodies to develop robust monitoring strategies for the mitigation of plastics pollution. It will also provide awareness to the public on the effects of plastic pollution and highlight potential human health concerns.


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  • Microplastics


  • BSc Zoology & Environmental Biology, 2006-2010

    University of Calabar, Nigeria

  • MSc Environmental Pollution & Toxicology, 2017-2019

    University of Calabar

  • PhD, Commonwealth Split-site (PhD) Scholar, Environmental Pollution & Toxicology, 2019 - present (QUB/University of Calabar, Nigeria)