Project Overview

The title of my research project is “Long-non Coding RNA (lncRNA) and Their Utility As Biomarker for Racial Differences In Prostate Cancer”.

My research aims to explore the utility of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) as potential biomarkers for racial differences in prostate cancer, with a specific focus on African American (AA) patients. While various studies have investigated the molecular functions of lncRNAs, little attention has been given to their specific implications in the context of racial disparities in prostate cancer among African American individuals. Additionally, computational aspects for predicting lncRNA functions and their targets in this context have been largely overlooked.

To bridge this knowledge gap, I will utilize RNA sequencing data (RNA-Seq) to perform differential and network-based analyses. This will aid in identifying the lncRNAs that may regulate the greatest number of gene targets, offering potential biomarkers for racial differences in prostate cancer among AA men.

By uncovering lncRNAs with significant roles in racial disparities of prostate cancer, this research holds the potential to contribute valuable insights into the disease’s understanding and aid in the development of targeted therapies for AA patients.


  • Cancer and Genomics
  • Web-based tool development
  • Cooking
  • Art


  • Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (I3L)/QUB Bioinformatics Student